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ELEIKO IWF Weightlifting Training Discs


Our IWF certified Weightlifting Training Discs are beautifully constructed and built to stand up to and perform well with years of hard training. The Eleiko Olympic WL Training Discs are identical to our competition line, but do not undergo the additional calibration necessary for official use. If your sights are set on performance, but don’t require the precise competition calibration, then these discs are for you. Available in both kilos and pounds.

*RC = Rubber Coated

Warranty terms and conditions
To be dropped on 30 mm-thick rubber flooring (training platform recommended by Eleiko). Indoor use only. Normal wear and tear does not fall under warranty.

Eleiko IWF Training Disc Warranty: 5 years



COLOR (Standard)



DIAMETER (Center hole)

25 KG Red 67 mm 450 mm 50 mm
20 KG Blue 54 mm 450 mm 50 mm
15 KG Yellow 42 mm 450 mm 50 mm
10 KG Green 34 mm 450 mm 50 mm
5 KG RC* White 26.5 mm 230 mm 50 mm
2.5 KG RC* Red 19 mm 210 mm 50 mm
2 KG RC** Blue 19 mm 190 mm 50 mm
1.5 KG RC** Yellow 18 mm 175 mm 50 mm
1 KG RC** Green 15 mm 160 mm 50 mm
0.5 KG RC** White 13 mm 135 mm 50 mm



10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg