Ostrovit Pre Workout Shot citrus lime 80 ml


  • OstroVit Pre Workout Shot 80 mlWould you like to take full advantage of your training session? Do you want to maximize your performance and dormant power? It does not matter if you choose a bike, a barbell or a murderous triathlon. We present a specially developed formula.OstroVit SHOT is a professional pre-workout product based on four synergically complementary active substances, which together will make your training will become even better, even more intense, swaying for true transcendence. It’s real power and energy in a compressed form. Get to the next level and prove that you can reach the impossible. It contains a complex of the most effective substances aimed at increasing strength, concentration, muscle pump and promoting better and more intensive training.OstroVit SHOT FEEL THE ENERGY ARROWOstroVit SHOT is characterized by a unique, intense and aromatic citrus-lime flavor, which will take you to a tropical state of freshness, and after a while feel the truly electrifying energy and readiness for your best and dream training. ATTENTION!!! A tingling sensation or sticking of pins all over the body is the merit of beta-alanine, which causes so-called paresthesia. It is a natural reaction of the body to the high content of this active ingredient, by some considered an asset and an additional motivational cop.Properties:Amazing muscle pump for trainingFocus and concentrationIncreased strength and endurancePowerful boost of energyStimulation and electrifying power packs for a long time4 servings in one ampouleSensational, refreshing citrus-lime flavorNo sugar and fat