OstroVit Pharma For Immunity 60 caps


  • OstroVit Pharma On immunity is a set of six natural plant extracts that support the work of the immune system. The preparation has been enriched with zinc – a mineral supporting the building of the body’s immunity. Do you get sick often and want to support your immunity? Or maybe you want to properly protect yourself against the flu season? The OstroVit Pharma Immunity dietary supplement will help you with this!What is the OstroVit Pharma supplement for immunity?OstroVit Pharma For immunity dietary supplement is a unique composition of zinc and natural plant extracts that support the body’s immunity – rosehip extract, garlic tuber, elderberry fruit, purple coneflower and ginseng. The active ingredients they contain, including a number of vitamins and minerals, support the work of many systems, including immune system.OstroVit Pharma On immunity will help you counteract behavior and better cope with infections. Bet on it if:you get sick oftenyou are recovering slowly from infectionsyou want to have better immunityyou struggle with hard-to-heal wounds