OstroVit Omega 3-6-9 90caps


  • – Advanced manufacturing technologies of OstroVit Omega 3-6-9– Europe;– Quality standards of GMP, GHP;– Only natural and safe ingredients;– Excellent combination of fish and vegetable fat;OstroVit Omega 3-6-9 is a quality preparation based on polyunsaturated fatty acids.It responds to the normal functioning of all organs and systems, including the work of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system.The supplement is a 100% natural preparation based on fish oil, lanoy oil and other useful oils.Additionally, Omega 3, 6 refers to polyunsaturated fats, while omega 9 is monosaturated.Polyunsaturated fats can not be synthesized in the human body, which means they must come from outside.Omega 9 is based on oleic acid, it strengthens blood vessels to reduce cholesterol.Thus, you need to take Omega 3-6-9 to strengthen immunity, to improve mental and cognitive function of the brain, to protect cardiovascular system, namely for the prevention of stroke and heart attack.This supplement strengthens the health of hair, nails, skin, has a rejuvenating effect. Effects from the intake:– Full protection of the cardiovascular system;– Reduces cholesterol;– Improves brain function (memory, focus);– A good natural antioxidant;– Has a rejuvenating effect;– Improves the health of nails, hair and skin;– Strengthens the immune system. Usage Take 1 capsule during the first meal.At a body weight above 70 kg the portion is 2 caps., with a weight above 100 kg – 3 caps.