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  • Liveup Knee Support

    The need to protect your knees from injuries and sprains can arise in any sportswhere they can suffer from bumps, falls and loads: trampoline, handball, volleyball, football,weightlifting, tennis, etc.

    Using such a knee pad, you will protect yourself from bumps, bruises,while the mobility of the knee during sports activities will not be impaired.
    The knee pad is light and elastic, comfortable to touch. It has an elastic wide tape, the volume of which is regulated by three strips with Velcro. An insert at the front of the support has asurrounding ring – helps to fix the knee pad. Vertical flexible inserts contribute to the fixation of the knee and absorb shock from falls.

    Set: 1pc

    Washing: hand wash

    Material: 65% neoprene, 35% nylon

    Size: adjustable 28-61 cm