Eleiko XF Bar – 15 kg

  • The Eleiko XF Bar is everything you love about our specialized weightlifting bars, but with less aggressive knurling. Made of ultra-clean Swedish steel you get the same whip and performance Eleiko is known for. This bar is perfect within strength and endurance training for serious athletes or those who want to improve their personal well being.


    Designed for multi-purpose strength and endurance training, this is the ideal bar if you anticipate doing a variety of lifts, especially if you plan to hit training sessions that include high volume workouts.


    • Dual markings serve as optimal hand placement guides for both Olympic lifts and powerlifts.
    • Features improved bearing construction and more refined knurling
    • Combination of rotating and fixed bearings ensure great spin for the fast Olympic movements, without compromising performance in heavy powerlifts.
    • The less aggressive knurling is perfect for fitness athletes that love intense high-rep lifting.
    • 215,000 PSI tensile strength means fantastic durability.


    20 KG

    15 KG

    Grip Diameter 28 mm 25 mm
    Bearings 2 Needle (1 ea sleeve) + 1 Bushings (1 ea sleeve) 2 Needle (1 ea sleeve) + 1 Bushings (1 ea sleeve)
    Steel 215,000 PSI tensile strength 215,000 PSI tensile strength
    Knurling Firm Firm
    Center Knurl NO NO
    Shaft Markings Olympic & Powerlifting Olympic & Powerlifting
    Cap Integrated cap design Integrated cap design
    Coating Special Chrome Special Chrome
    Bar Length 2200 mm 2010 mm
    Sleeve Diameter 50 mm 50 mm
    Sleeve Length 445 mm 350 mm
    Loadable Sleeve Length 415 mm 320 mm
    Warranty 10 Year 10 Year