Eleiko Power Lock Weightlifting Bar – 15 kg

  • This bar is essentially our Eleiko Weightlifting Training bar but includes the Power Lock feature. The Power Lock tightly secure discs and keeps them in place, eliminating the need for repeated collar tightening during training sessions. This bar offers the feel and performance of the training bar. The needle bearings allowing for smooth, even rotation and our signature knurling provides a comfortable, yet secure grip. In addition, you have the added benefit of locking discs in place keeping them secure with repeated drops.


    If you like the performance of the competition bar, but don’t require the tight tolerances and precision calibration and find the benefit and security knowing your discs won’t budge, appealing, then this is the right choice for you.


    • When used with the Power Lock collars (comes with the bar as a set) the lifter will benefit from a full and firm attachment of the collar to the bar sleeve.
    • Collars are simple to use, and keep discs firmly in place even during multiple repetitions.
    • 10 precision needle bearings minimize friction to help weight move smoothly at high speeds.
    • High quality bearings, a signature grip developed for weightlifters, and Swedish steel that stores elastic energy is part of the secret to the coveted “Eleiko Feeling”.
    • The quality of the bearings ensure weight will not lock up mid-spin, protecting shoulders and wrists from injury.
    • IWF certification, 215,000 PSI steel and 10 precision bearings ensure world class performance.


    20 KG

    15 KG
    Grip Diameter 28 mm 25 mm
    Bearings 10 needle bearings

    (5 in each sleeve)

    10 needle bearings

    (5 in each sleeve)

    Steel 215,000 PSI tensile strength 215,000 PSI tensile strength
    Knurling Aggressive  Aggressive
    Center Knurl YES NO
    Shaft Markings Olympic Olympic
    Cap Integrated cap design Integrated cap design
    Coating Chromed Chromed
    Bar Length 2200 mm 2010 mm
    Sleeve Diameter 50 mm 50 mm
    Sleeve Length    
    Loadable Sleeve Length    
    Warranty 10 Year 10 Year