Eleiko Performance Powerlifting Bar 20 kg

  • The performance version of the certified Eleiko IPF Powerlifting Competition Bar, offers the feel and performance of the competition bar and our signature knurling optimized for training. Made of ultra-clean Swedish steel, Eleiko Powerlifting bar are exceptionally strong to withstand loads up to 1500kg. Equiped with bronze bushings to provide optimal performance for powerlifting. The quality of the steel and diameter gives the bar the ultimate stiffnes and the feeling of stability in the lift.


    When powerlifting is an important part of your strength & conditioning routine, and you are serious about high performance, this bar is for you.


    • The grip is sharp enough to give full control, but not so sharp that regular training became uncomfortable.
    • Finally, we ditched the hard chrome and instead use a galvanized coating.
    • 215,000 PSI Swedish steel and 4 bronze bushings for unmatched performance and durability


    Grip Diameter 29 mm
    Bearings 4 Bronze Bushings
    Steel 215,000 PSI tensile strength
    Knurling Aggressive
    Center Knurl YES
    Shaft Markings Powerlifting
    Cap Integrated cap design
    Coating Galvanized
    Bar Length 2200 mm
    Sleeve Diameter 50 mm
    Sleeve Length  
    Loadable Sleeve Length  433 mm
    Max Load 1500 kg
    Warranty 10 Years